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Mission: We are a no-nonsense, corporate and employment boutique law firm that utilizes our business acumen and legal expertise to achieve custom solutions grounded in business wisdom.
Vision: To help employers achieve organizational self-actualization through implementing protective contracts, instituting best employee practices and safeguarding intellectual property.

Many law firms do an exceptionally good job – at racking up billable time.

At Shepherd Law, we are much more interested in your business’s success than we are in “nickel and diming” you. It’s all about evaluating the best “end game” for your unique needs and doing what’s best for your business – both strategically and financially.

Through analyzing contracts, implementing best employee practices, and protecting intellectual property, we help our clients avoid lawsuits, disputes and audits which can cost ten times more in the end. As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Our clients see the value in minimizing their business risks and costs through the preventative legal services we provide. Not having to stress over unknown legal risks helps them sleep better at night.