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“If it’s not in writing, it was never agreed to.” Let Shepherd Law draft the agreements that protect your company and maximize your contractual benefits.

In the Age of the Internet, many small businesses attempt to cut costs by using general, form contracts downloaded from the Internet to handle individual and specialized contractual relationships. They might then cut and paste various provisions and clauses to produce something that “looks legal.”

While these “do-it-yourself” contracts may certainly seem tempting, the front-end savings can be quickly erased by court costs and attorney’s fees. Unfortunately, poorly drafted and incomplete contracts often result in disputes that end up in court.

To clearly define each party’s rights and obligations, it pays to hire a lawyer to draft your contracts. The Contract Attorneys at Shepherd Law are experienced in contract drafting and can create agreements that establish your rights and obligations in clear terms, which greatly minimizes the chances of future disputes and litigation.